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Alice and her French friend Gerald are the masterminds behind Lyon’s’ “Ginger Parties.”[…]

Like most other minorities around the world, gingers tend to get a lot of shit. Here in France they make up only 5 percent of the population, but that doesn’t mean that French gingers are ready to go gently into that good night. Leading the effort to replenish the carrot-top dating pool are two natural redheads named Alice and Gerald, who started Lyon’s “Ginger Parties.”

The aim of the event is to get as many French redheads as possible drunk together in the hope that some of them will end up fucking each other, ensuring the survival of their “species.” I got in touch with Alice for a chat.

VICE: Hey, Alice. How did you come up with the idea for your Ginger Party?

My friend Gerald and I got drunk one evening over the Christmas holidays and we talked about us both being ginger. He already works as an event planner, so we thought it would be fun to set up an evening for gingers. Mission accomplished—I’d never seen so many gingers in the same room before.;center,center&resize=500:*

[…]And you organize one event per month, right?
That’s right. The next one is on Monday, April 6. Right now we hold them at the Johnny Walsh bar, in St. Georges, Lyon. I usually work behind the bar together with the bar owner. He’s cool and he’s made certain price reductions just for redheads. We also primarily serve cocktails that contain whiskey and ginger ale, and pints of red beer to stay in the theme.

[…]According to a controversial study published in The Independent, gingers are facing extinction. Are your parties also aiming to bring people together in a place full of alcohol to promote copulation and the reproduction of the “species”?

I also have heard that we are endangered. They say we have 60 years left on this planet because of global warming—at least that is what this study claims. I guess I did have that in the back of my head when I came up with the idea.

We’re actually thinking of asking for a permit to become a redhead swinger club—we might call it “The Sweaty Ginger,” or something like that [laughs]. I mean, if these parties increase our chances to get laid, then that’s great.

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