Through the miracle of Timeshift Slogmobile technology, we fast forward now to June 13th, and morph into flies on the wall of a meeting room in Buckingham Palace. Therein, two senior citizens discuss the big issues of the day in the late evening of their lives.

QE2: Airhh Hellair Mister Prisidint, how’re you caping with you new jorb?

POTUS: Oh yer know your mighdiness, there’s nuthin noo in this, I’ve been working for the Pennagun for many years now…

QE2: Oeeh rairly? But you’re the Prisident nigh, if I understand correctly…

POTUS: I am?

QE2: Oeeh yiz…I’m sure I’ve seen you orn the news ind so forth, sitting in your Eauval Orfiss asitwah.

POTUS: No shit? Wahl, it’s good to see you’re keeping up widdah nooz yer Maj’stee, by the way, scuze me but I notice that you have a…[…]

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