The plight of the Palestinian people has caught fire in our circles recently.

Whether or not you care to sympathize with them, you need to bear witness to their orchestrated destruction, for it is the future our children and our children’s children could inherit: A people unceremoniously and unjustly ripped from their land, as the whole world turns a blind eye until they’re eventually exterminated, one way or another.

Remember the t-shirts for sale depicting a pregnant Palestinian woman with a rifle scope crosshairs fixed upon her pregnant belly? Ghoulish text written by it: “one shot, two kills.” It doesn’t take much editing to change that woman from wearing a burka to wearing a flowing dress with long blonde braids. The rest will stay the same. And you know they’ll have no problem selling these.

But why?

[…]That feeling you have when you are watching this world of lies spiral out of control, that’s righteous fury. This feeling breeds warriors from workers. This feeling forges nations. It’s the hardest to bury.

[…]But those who rewrite our past cannot be allowed to write our epitaph. If we do not act now to secure our future, in this most pivotal moment in our history, there will be no history of us to recall.[…]

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