There’s a lot of confusion as to what ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ actually mean, since Leftists use the terms interchangeably and define both as “stuff that evil White people do to innocent brown people.” So, I thought I’d write a short article explaining the difference between the two terms, and how they relate to our situation today.

Colonialism is the mass migration of one ethnic group into the territory of another, whereby the invasive population attempts to displace, genocide, or establish control over the indigeneous inhabitants, in order to forcibly take their land and/or resources.

Imperialism, simply put, is the act of establishing an empire — the political process by which a state expands its power and influence over foreign states and nations. This can be achieved through various means, roughly divided into direct imperialism and indirect imperialism. Methods of direct imperialism include colonialism, elite displacement, overt military occupation, and so…

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Colonialism vs Imperialism: Definitions and their relevance to our current circumstances — Muunyayo