A leaked Pfizer study from the EMA shows that the Covid-19 vaccine particles are hugely sequestered into the ovaries.

That’s right. The ovaries.

Please remember that this is an animal model (mouse/rat) and ovarian uptake pharmacokinetics can differ between species. It is not possible to conduct these experiments on humans. Although it is probable these results will be similar in humans.

Also please remember that this does *not* confirm that there is a sterilisation component to this vaccine. But it may suggest it.

The study:The Effect of COVID -19 mRNA Vaccine on Ovarian Reserve (2021), access it here.

Brief Summary of the observational study: “As Israel is the first country to widely vaccinate its population using the mRNA vaccine against COVID-19, evaluating its influence on ovarian reserve is essential.”

The study has 200 participants defined as “reproductive age women (age 18 to 42) that are planning to be vaccinated in Israel.”


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