We are being trawled for our “human energy”. I was starkly reminded of this the other day when I saw someone walking around with a Chevron t-shirt which sported their logo and new motto: human energy. How ironic. For most people, the motto probably seems harmless enough, or maybe even benevolent, showing a kindhearted corporation caring about its employees and the world, or recognizing the importance of the people running its operations. Yet if you understand the occult foundation of corporate logos, you’ll know that Chevron’s logo is really a pyramid (2 levels of the corner edges). The pyramid is favorite image of the New World Order, because it represents a tiny hierarchy at the top being held up by a large majority at the bottom, and symbolizes the compartmentalization of knowledge the further you go up. Just like its logo, Chevron’s motto has nothing at all to do with caring for people, and everything to do with controlling people and harvesting energy from the human farm, looking at people as nothing more than batteries that create energy (ever wonder why corporations call it “human resources”?).[…]

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