[…]From time to time we allow ourselves to be silly with some of our friends. And isn’t it a wonderful release? Especially when the silliness is accompanied by those uncontrollable belly laughs that bring tears to our eyes!

Kids are wonderful to observe because how often do you see them playing outside, skipping along the sidewalk, or hanging from the monkey bars on the playground and thought to yourself, “boy are they having fun!”  Only to follow up that thought with, ‘if only I was young again.”

Why is it that an invisible playfulness line gets drawn at a certain age? Who set the rules on what you can and cannot do as you get older? And who decided that play is some kind of forbidden fruit for adults?

Well, luckily that out-dated viewpoints are finally being outshined with the advantages of keeping play in your life – at any age!

More and more research has found an important link between play, laughter, and health. […]

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