I could spend a life wondering what the biggest snare we have to get around is. At the end of the day, the biggest and the worst are the devils in our own living rooms – the ones we let in. Somewhere in the Bible it says “the devil is ever at your door” with the implication being that the onus is on you to let it in.

Yes, there are no shortage of threats outside; barbarians at the gates, devils at the door, elephants in the room – whatever. But there are /our/ problems. Degeneracy, malaise, acceptance, tolerance. Yeah. But what drives them? Sometimes laziness, brokenness – a lingering sense of dread. Sure. One of the strongest factors in our cultural disintegration has been a fine mix of guilt and fear. Which came first? I dont know as it matters; you can’t make an omelette without an egg, and there’s no egg without the chicken. So first fruits is a moot point.

In the end, I think guilt is the stronger of the two. Fear, historically, can be waved away. Men overcome fear. But one is much harder pressed to squash guilt. We hear it all the time. Catholic Guilt is a stereotype. When I was a TradCath churchgoer, it was sagely pointed out (by the Germans who know something about the weight of guilt’s imposition) that really, nobody does guilt like the Protestants. And have you heard about those Puritans? […]

Guilt Trap — The Sperg Box