Confessions of a Conservative Atheist

Environmentalists take aim at the mining projects required to obtain the lithium and other minerals required to build electric car batteries. If electric cars are to work, we need lithium, lots of it, 42 times more than we produce today, but buckwheat found in Nevada stands in the way of a critical new mine. The result is a case study in how nothing is ever green enough.

President Joe Biden is big on electric cars.  In fact, he wants to spend a whopping $174 billion on investments in electric vehicles as part of his proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan, making it the largest single line item in the entire transportation sector.  This $174 billion would be spent building 500,000 vehicle chargers, modifying factories to better build electric vehicles, tax incentives for buyers, and investments in the domestic supply chain to give us a competitive edge over other countries.

He also…

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