Confessions of a Conservative Atheist

We’re over a hundred days into the Biden administration and he still hasn’t delivered on his promise to open schools.  Somewhere around 17,900,000 students remain either purely virtual or in hybrid learning.  Now, we learn the reason why: The CDC has been conspiring with the teacher’s unions to keep kids out of class.

Throughout a more than year-long pandemic chock full of troubling developments, one of the most bizarre has to be forced closure of much of the country’s public schools, at a tremendous cost to children, particularly poor, urban children, many minorities already struggling to get by.  The data has been in on in-person learning since last May and yet many schools remain either fully virtual or hybrid. Some are even wondering if it will be safe to open again next fall.

According to US News and World Report, about a seventh of students nationwide remained completely virtual as…

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