The Slog

Looking down from new heights upon a potential transport of delight

Sunday is as good a time as any to take the VTO Slogmobile up to hover in the air above 1,000 feet. There one can think clearly, while hearing few if any pings, bongs, zoops, rings, beeps or brrrhs, and yet getting roughly the same overview as one of Billionaire Gates’s low altitude satellites. Down there, upon metaphorical oceans, do we see new boat people?

Perhaps it is the close presence of Bill’s eyes in the skies that cause me to mutter, “the problem at its core is that there are far too many of us”. For this is about the only thing in BG’s head that is sound. His business morals, monopolist instincts, illibertarian standpoint and ideas about depopulation are entirely regrettable, but the diagnosis is fundamentally correct: for a long time now, there has been far too…

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