Confessions of a Conservative Atheist

$1.9 trillion for coronavirus relief. $2 trillion for radically redefined infrastructure. Now, $1.8 trillion for the “American Families Plan.” You know the government is on the march when even CNN describes the proposals as “huge” and “massive.” Biden’s not building back better, he’s building the government bigger.

Yesterday evening, President Joe Biden appeared before a coronavirus-safe joint session of Congress to announce his “American Families Plan,” complete with a budget of a whopping $1.8 trillion.  These funds are in addition to the existing budget.  As of 2019 before coronavirus relief became the rage, about $4.4 trillion; this year it’s $6.55 trillion.  This is also on top of Biden’s coronavirus relief bill, $1.9 trillion and Biden’s infrastructure bill, somewhere over $2 trillion.

All told, we’re looking at $5.7 trillion in additional spending proposed in less than 100 days.  That’s “trillion” with a “t,” or written out with zeros, $5,700,000,000,000, an absolutely…

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