It’s not an exaggeration to say that if America remains on her current trajectory, she will be unrecognizable in another generation. Lady Liberty will be replaced by a snarling leftist with a blue crew-cut. 

We’ve arrived at a tipping point where the foundational beliefs that made our way of life possible are under relentless siege by a radical, Marxist ideology that holds our values, traditions and culture in utter contempt. Today, the institutions of family, church, education, free enterprise, and self-government are mere remnants of their former glory. The Left’s long march through our institutions is nearing its dystopian destination, which we are treated to on these pages daily.

The acceleration of these trends are the result of the Left’s consolidation over our news and entertainment media, combined with the censorship of dissenting voices on social media. Big Tech is wholly owned by the Left and they’re using that power…

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