Ecology Viewed from the Right

As a student of ecological thought, particularly from a rightist or traditionalist perspective, I am well-acquainted with the arguments concerning veganism, hunting, factory farming, and so forth. But after a flurry of youthful idealism I mostly set these considerations aside and settled into a fairly comfortable compromise with the status quo. However, Jef Costello’s recentarticles concerning the “Carnivore Diet” have led me to reconsider these subjects from the perspective of the True Right.

My use of “ecofascist” in the title is somewhat ironic. As I have described before, “ecofascism” is a pejorative term, invariably applied to any rightist approach to ecology which rejects the egalitarian premises of the contemporary green movement. A genuine “ecology viewed from the Right,” which promotes an understanding of the natural world based upon order, hierarchy, and differentiation, is far more nuanced – and possesses a longer pedigree – than…

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