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  • “…When you place men in women’s prisons, there’s also a rape problem, with the men — many of whom claim to be lesbians — raping those women unlucky enough find themselves in the same cell, ward, or shower as one of these so-called “transgender women”

255 ‘Transgender’ Inmates Request Transfer To Women’s Prisons After California Passes New Law

By Andrea Widburg

For those who are wondering how the Democrats’ “Equality Act” – requiring people to be treated according to their gender identity — will operate if passed, we’re getting some foreshadowing from California. On January 1, a law went into effect holding that state prisoners must be housed in a facility consistent with their gender identity, regardless of their anatomy. To date, 261 prisoners – 255 of them biological men – have asked to be relocated.

The reasoning behind the law wasn’t just the usual woke madness…

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