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Friday, 9 April 2021

22°C with sunshine and blue skies. A beautiful summer day. But wait, it’s only April. Where are the showers for May flowers?

We experienced similar weather during this same week last year. Two years before though, it snowed.

I’m lying in bed writing this with the windows wide open listening to the peepers and a tree toad, and the odd vehicle, when I smell a skunk! Peeuw! Windows are now closed and I am returning to my regularly scheduled program 🥺

I’m still planning my vegetable garden. Today I figured out the companion planting and how many plants in each square foot. Another step closer!

I broke ground on my medicinal herbal garden. It’s next to last year’s veggie/herbal tea garden which will be a tea garden this year.

I’m digging up the grass one row at a time, which makes moving the sod more manageable…

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