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  • “…Soon after Event 201 seemed to go live, skeptics of the official narrative speculated about a possible link between the pandemic and 5G technology, which was deemed “essential” and continued to be installed during the lockdowns. Official news sources claimed that the virus originated in Wuhan, China–where, of all places, 5G was among the first to launch in November 2019″

5G, Blockchain & You

By Lynn Wolfe

Many questions have arisen since the World Health Organization declared a worldwide public health emergency on January 30, 2020. Where did COVID-19 originate? How long will it take to “flatten the curve?” Are ubiquitous lockdowns necessary or effective for an ailment that has a 99% recovery rate? And perhaps most perplexingly, why did the World Economic Forum host Event 201 in October 2019–a simulated pandemic exercise that eerily followed the real coronavirus narrative, complete with stuffed souvenir microbes?


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