The Slog

Ours is not so much a mad, mad, mad, mad world as one based on denial, acceptance, media authority and naked fear. The Slog plots the history of how post-empirical uniformity has been exploited by a tiny minority of Gigarich gargoyles in order to produce ever bigger and more audacious Psy-Ops…and argues that local power should become a major focus for resistance and disobedience in relation to totalitarian takeover.

When an airhead with an ocean-going titanic arse that arrives ten seconds after the rest of her has made a billion smackers based on that unfortunate birth defect, you know there is something horribly unbalanced about our culture.

Economics for robots

It’s been that way for nearly forty years: it started out as being the Age of the Unexpected, but has recently matured into the Age of the Predictably Unbelievable. I doubt very much if that was the plan from Day…

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