The Most Revolutionary Act

Millions of Americans continue to face serious water quality problems.

America’s Water Crisis

We sampled tap water across the US – and found arsenic, lead and toxic chemicals

A nine-month investigation by the Guardian and Consumer Reports found alarming levels of forever chemicals, arsenic and lead in samples taken across the US

How to test your drinking water

by Ryan Felton and Lisa Gill of Consumer Reports and Lewis Kendall for the Guardian

In Connecticut, a condo had lead in its drinking water at levels more than double what the federal government deems acceptable. At a church in North Carolina, the water was contaminated with extremely high levels of potentially toxic PFAS chemicals (a group of compounds found in hundreds of household products). The water flowing into a Texas home had both – and concerning amounts of arsenic too.

All three were among locations that had water tested as part of a nine-month investigation by Consumer Reports (CR) and…

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