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Who would defy his Master’s voice?

As the NWO gets a hurried launch in the Establishment media, the vaccine safety lie is being challenged on several fronts. Meanwhile, insane spending on Covid19 is driving up rates. Seat belts are obligatory.

1. Is it a mess?

Yes, it is. The NWO ‘solidarity’ agenda being at last out of the closet, within 48 hours Geli Merkel read the danger-data on the Astrazeneca vaccine-that-isn’t-a-vaccine, and decided that blood clots sind nicht uns. She is, after all, a qualified chemical scientist.

Here is one of a number of medical documents she consulted to reach her decision.

This raises the question of how ‘negotiable’ a certificate based on that „vaccine“ is going to be. Australia, for example, is already expressing doubts.

2. Is the State Covid narrative holding up?

No, it isn’t. Tune into this logically and calmly expressed deconstruction from Reiner Fullmich:

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