For thousands of years, people have wanted to cross the threshold of secrecy and find out what is hidden on the other side of reality. How to get to another world? There is no final answer to this question, but it is simply impossible to close our eyes to the huge amount of facts, testimonies of real people and scientific explanations.

What is a parallel world?

The parallel world, or the fifth dimension, is a space invisible to the human eye that exists along with the real life of people. There is no dependence between it and the ordinary world. It is believed that its size can vary greatly: from a pea to the universe. The laws of events, the rules of physics and other “hard” statements, that are valid in the human world, may absolutely not work in an invisible reality. Everything that happens there may have slight deviations from the usual way of life, or differ dramatically.


The multiverse is a fantasy of science fiction writers. Recently, scientists are increasingly turning to the works of science fiction writers, because many years of observation experience have shown that they almost always predict the development of events and the future of humanity with amazing accuracy. The concept of the multiverse suggests that, in addition to the world familiar to earthlings, there are a huge number of unique worlds. Moreover, not all of them are material. The earth is connected to other invisible realities at the level of spiritual connection.

Ancient thoughts about the existence of parallel worlds

Since ancient times, there have been many speculations about whether the fifth dimension really exists. It is interesting that the great minds of the distant past were asking the question of how to get to another world. Similar thoughts can be found in the works of Democritus, Epicurus and Metrodorus of Chios. Some have even tried to prove the existence of the “other side” by scientific research. Democritus argued that absolute emptiness conceals a large number of worlds. He said that: Some of them are very similar to ours, even in the smallest detail. Others are completely different from earthly reality. The thinker substantiated his theories on the basis of the basic principle of isonomy – equiprobability. Pundits of the past also spoke about the unity of time: past, present, future are at the same point. It follows from this that making the transition is not so difficult

Modern science

Modern science does not at all deny the possibility of the existence of other worlds. This moment is being explored in detail, something new is constantly being discovered. Even the very fact that scientists around the world admit the theory of the multiverse already speaks volumes. Science substantiates this assumption using the provisions of quantum mechanics and superstring theory. Proponents of this theory believe that there are incredibly many possible worlds – from 10 to 500. There is also an opinion that the number of parallel realities is not at all limited. However, science cannot yet answer the question of how to get into a parallel world. Every year, quantum mechanics reveals even more unknowns. Perhaps in the near future, people will be able to make instant travel between universes.

How to get into a parallel world. Esoteric views.

Esotericists and psychics claim that it is quite possible to get into another world. However, it should be noted that this is not always safe. In order to enter the secret world, it is necessary to change the work of the brain. It is advisable to practice the following TECHNIQUE:

while lying on the bed, try to fall asleep, relax your body, but keep your mind awake. This or similar consciousness will be difficult at first, but it is worth trying.

The main problem for beginners is that it is very difficult to relax the body and be conscious at the same time. In such cases, a person unbearably wants to twitch, move at least a little, or he simply falls asleep. About a month of training – and you can accustom your body to such a practice. After that, one should plunge into a new state deeper and deeper. Each time, new sounds, voices, pictures will appear. Soon it will be possible to move to another reality. The main thing is not to fall asleep, but to realize that you have crossed the threshold of a parallel world. This method is possible in another variation. You need to do the same, but immediately after waking up. Opening your eyes, you need to fix the body still, but keep awake with the mind. In this case, immersion in another world is faster, but many cannot stand it and fall asleep again. Another way is meditation. The key difference from the first method is that there is no connection with sleep, and the process itself must take place in a sitting position. The complexity of this approach lies in the need to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts that constantly visit a person as soon as he tries to concentrate. There are many techniques for taming naughty thoughts. For example, one should not interrupt the stream, but give it freedom, but not engage in an internal dialogue, but be just an observer. You can also concentrate on number, specific point, etc…

The danger of other worlds.

The reality of parallel worlds is fraught with many unknowns. But the real threat that can be faced on the other side are malevolent entities. In order to control your fear and avoid trouble, you need to know who is causing the anxiety. Entering a parallel world will be much easier if you know that frightening entities are just products of the past. Fears from childhood, movies, books, etc. – all of this can be found in parallel reality. The main thing is to understand that these are only phantoms, and not real creatures. As soon as the fear of them disappears, they disappear on their own. The inhabitants of the invisible worlds are mostly friendly or indifferent. They are unlikely to scare or create trouble, but still you should not annoy them. However, there is still a chance to meet an unkind spirit. In this case, it is enough to overcome your fear, because there will still be no harm from the activity of the otherworldly essence. Do not forget that the past, present, and future touch each other, so there is always a way out. You can also think about home, and then the soul will most likely return to the body.

How to get to a parallel world through an elevator technique.

Esotericists claim that an elevator can help in the transition to a parallel world. It serves as a “door” that must be able to open. It is best to travel through the elevator at night or in the dark. You must be alone in the booth. It is worth noting that if any person enters the elevator during the ritual, nothing will succeed. After entering the cabin, navigate the floors in the following order: 4-2-6-2-1. Then you should go to the 10th floor and go down to 5. A stranger may enter the booth, you cannot talk to him. You should press the button of the 1st floor, but the elevator will go to 10. You cannot press any other buttons, since the ritual will be interrupted. How to understand that the transition has taken place? Only you will be in parallel reality. It should be noted that it is not worth looking for a companion.

Gateway to another reality with a mirror.

You can penetrate into another reality with the help of a mirror, because it is a mystical gateway to all other worlds. It is used by sorcerers and magicians who have the necessary knowledge. The passage through the mirror is always successful. In addition, with its help, you can not only travel to other universes, but also conjure. That is why, to this day, the customs of hanging mirrors after the death of a person are preserved. This is done for a reason, because the soul of the deceased for a certain time wanders around his house. Thus, the astral body says goodbye to the past life. The soul itself is unlikely to want to harm its relatives, but at such moments a portal opens through which various entities can enter the room. They can frighten or try to drag the astral body of a living person into a parallel reality .There are several rituals with mirrors. To answer the question of how people end up in parallel worlds, it is necessary to understand the essence of the mirror ritual, because it is this object that is the original guide to another world.

Way to the past.

For many years and even centuries people have wanted to know the answer to the question of how to get into the past. There are two well-known methods that can move a person in time. The most famous are “wormholes” – small tunnels in space that serve as a link between the past and the present. But … Scientific studies show that the “hole” will close faster than a person has time to cross its threshold. Based on this, it can be argued that if scientists find a way to delay the opening of the tunnel, and time travel will become justified not only from an esoteric, but also from a scientific point of view.

Working with the subconscious.

Another way is to work with the subconscious. How to get into a parallel world with the help of the brain? Quite difficult, but feasible. To do this, you must enter a state of strong relaxation, create a gate and go through the portal. Sounds simple, but to get things done. several factors are necessary: ​​a great desire, mastery of meditation techniques, the ability to visualize space in detail and … the absence of fear. Many people say that when they achieve results, they often lose touch with the other world out of fear. It takes some time to overcome it, so you should be ready to find yourself in another reality at any moment.



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