Natinal Guard at the Capitol

The occupation of our nation’s capital continues and now has a growing feeling of permanence strengthened by the recent decision of the unelected Secretary of Defense indefinitely extending the Guard deployment to Washington.

The American taxpayer continues to foot the bill for this occupation to the tune of some $400M dollars and growing.

Amazing how politicians are so caviler when it’s the people’s money.


Like most things in Washington when you pull back the curtain you will find that this is all about power, resources, and funding.

The recent public health crisis has demonstrated to the “deep state” that they are able to control the population without limit by issuing fiats under the guise of unconstitutional “Executive Orders” with no basis in law, and the public will comply.

They also learned that the Constitution is no longer an impediment to their agenda of amassing more power for the central government at the expense of individual freedoms. State governors and mayors have learned the same thing and New Hampshire unfortunately is no exception. Many of us have seen this movie before just not in the United States.

The other drama taking place behind the scenes is the desire to grow the footprint of the Capitol Police force (USCP) using a manufactured crisis as a rationale. All designed to further isolate the government from its own citizens.


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