Vermont’s state government is dominated by urban interests in Chittenden County, that is openly hostile towards its rural residents. There is no reason why Vermont should continue to suffer under the oppressive yoke of Chittenden County’s domination.

For the good of Vermonts wellbeing Montpelier as a den of thieves and vipers must cease being Vermonts capitol. Henceforth Windsor the old capitol of the Vermont republic must be reinstated. Though it would be even better if a place like Victoria, Vermont would become the new Vermont capitol. As its far removed from the domesticating influences of civilization. Civilization seeks to commodify, domesticate, and neuter heroism and folk memory. Industrialization and urbanization are wounds tearing apart Mother Earth/Jord/Jörð.


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Time for Chittenden dominance of Legislature to end — True North Reports — Vermont Folk Troth


As each election year passes Chittenden County grows more and more liberal. Burlington’s political power is now void of political diversity. Controlled by liberal Democrats and likeminded Progressives, the City Council’s political diversity no longer exists, nor is it tolerated by city voters. Chittenden power threatens the rest of Vermont.

Chittenden County, with politicians politically and culturally separated from rural Vermont, controls legislative committees and the House and Senate floors.


Time for Chittenden dominance of Legislature to end — True North Reports — Vermont Folk Troth


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