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Over the past two decades the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been waging a massive influence campaign on Australia. Unfortunately it took a global pandemic to bring it to the forefront of the national conversation, but the good news is Australia is finally taking a stand.

Shaoquett Moselmane

Meet Shaoquett Moselmane. He’s was a member of the New South Wales (NSW) legislative council for the Labor Party, Australia’s main left-wing party, and NSW is Australia’s most populous state. Moselmane was recently at the centre of an international espionage investigation, being led by ASIO, Australia’s version of the FBI.
Why is ASIO looking into Moselmane? Well he’s been a very vocal supporter of the Chinese Communist Party, going as far as having said; “The only way for China to reach it’s full potential is for China to force a change to the rules, and create a new world order“.

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