Owing to the fact that climate change negatively affects the Earths ecosystems viability notwithstanding the Earths natural heating and cooling over millenia, forthwith motorcars shalt enter termination within the Vermont jurisdiction.

Vermont’s outdated, fossil-fueled transportation system is a relic of a bygone era when America was rapidfire industrializing across the country. When you enter Vermont, you are flung headlong into a primeval epoch, a medieval land. The trappings of the modern world are the outbursts of snobbish flatlander folk seeking to erode the majestic ethereal beauty of Vermont.

Many folks have cried againe and againe about lost revenue and the need to tear apart mother Earth in order to boost the economy and bring in more jobs. Whilst in reality paper, coins, or credit all have NO true value. Real value lies in the hearts, minds, and bodies of local Vermonters kith, kin, and forebear traditions passed down ensuring the rebirth of the dead in the living. The system of bartering is a homespun tale of comradery, kinship, and storytelling unlike the modern monetary claptrap.

When folks truly give a shite ’bout their “carbon footprint,” it ensures the growth of Prussian Virtues: minimalism, frugality, discipline, reliability, fortitude, modesty, restraint, conscientiousness, orderliness, sincerity, and sacrifice.


Vermont’s transportation system outdated, needs change — Saint Albans Messenger