When you consider what has happened in the United States in the last nine months, incredibly, it doesn’t even seem like our own nation anymore. People rioting in the streets during the summer are described by the lamestream media as “peaceful protesters.” District Attorneys let hardened criminals out of jail. Grammar schools indoctrinate our children, teaching them to hate America.

The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

Governors mandate lockdowns of their citizens while flagrantly breaking their own rules. A presidential administration, run by who knows who, is undermining the “1776 Project” — which was designed to offer a balanced perspective on American history — while supporting the misdirected “1619 Project,” which was launched by The New York Times and claims that the real founding of the U.S. started when slaves were first shipped across the Atlantic.

On and on it goes: Thousands of strange assertions, end runs around the law…

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