existential ergonomics

My boyfriend drives an older car with a 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign bumper sticker and, over the last few months, someone has been repeatably peeling away the edges of the sticker and keying his car, especially around the sticker. The bumper sticker was meant to convey a message of peace and hope 13 years ago. Ron Paul isn’t relevant, the libertarian party isn’t a threat, and it is just a gosh darn sticker.

I don’t understand the motivation behind the vandalism.

Ron Paul REVOLUTION bumper sticker
Is this really that offensive?

I conducted a quick internet search and apparently, in our modern society, libertarianism is now considered to synonymous with white supremacy and Neo-nazism. Anyone who does or ever has identified as a libertarian is, essentially, evil. People like me are being demonized for desiring a world in which everyone can speak their mind, defend their property, and exercise their freedoms with minimal…

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