The American Experiment peaked in the two decades following WWII and has been in decline ever since. Here’s the story in a nutshell.

When World War II ended, the USA was the lone superpower on Earth. We had the Bomb and had used it. Our military was victorious and unsurpassed. Our economy rose from the Great Depression and began to fire on all cylinders. We fed the world and pulled war-torn countries from oblivion.

Our might and hubris was tested in the ensuing Cold War. The hot wars never really stopped, and by 1965 we got mired in Vietnam. The Greatest Generation who fought and won WWII were succeeded by their children, the Baby Boomers. Those children did not feel the same desperate nationalism as their parents, and resisted the new war. The Generation Gap arose, and a Cultural Revolution ensued. Traditional values were rejected, and post-post-modern nihilism was accepted.

The Old Left, a holdover from the Great Depression, was supplanted by the New Left, radicalized by the Vietnam War. The transition was evident in 1972 with the Chicago riots, and the crushing defeat of George McGovern.


The Big Slide: A Short History of the Decline and Fall of the USA — Guest Post by Uncle Mike — William M. Briggs