Renegade Editor’s Note: There are a number of points in this article that I would dispute, including “5G technology on its own is not particularly harmful… vaccines are a proven technology” and the assertion that Julian Assange is an actual whistleblower. Regardless, there is definitely something going on with nanowires.

There are a number of very suspicious things that occurred last year. Jewish professor Charles Lieber and a few Chinese nationals were arrested due to fraud and scientific espionage. China maintains a program called the “Thousand Talents Plan”, which is designed to recruit foreign scientists with bribery and convince them to divulge proprietary information to the Chinese, giving them a strategic technological advantage.

Thousand Talents Plan

Charles Lieber has been working at Harvard on silicon nanowire tech for the past 22 years, and with nanotech and nanoscale structures in general for even longer than that. He was arrested All of his publications are readily available:

Many of his papers describe using silicon nanowires as the basis of BCIs, or brain-computer interfaces, a.k.a. “Neural Lace” tech, like Neuralink (which is similar, but uses electrodes that are much larger and much more primitive than nanowires).


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