The Old Inheritance

From the Archives at the Roots of Radicalism website, here’s an article about ‘radical populism’, written apparently in the 1980s (?). In it,, Joe Pearce writes about the meaning of that label, ‘radical populism’ in the English context. Is it compatible with nationalism as represented by the movement known as the National Front?

The NF, as you may know, was often the object of hostile propaganda: just as in this country, insinuations made it out to be a ”far right” extremist group, and the usual associations, just as in this country in our time, were ascribed to the NF.

The term ‘radical populism’ was, according to this article, coined by a writer called Margaret Canovan, in a book title:G.K.Chesterton – Radical Populist, in 1977. So Chesterton’s own political theories inspired the book, and he became associated with a broader populist movement.

In recent times, most obviously during Trump’s…

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