Biden’s new EPA advisor Michael McCabe helped DuPont dodge responsibility for PFOA, a cancer-causing “forever chemical” poisoning water supplies and humans around the world.

Joe Biden put a chemical industry insider on his Environmental Protection Agency transition team.

Before he became Biden’s advisor Michael McCabe, served as an advisor for DuPont.

Shortly after serving as the head of the EPA, under Clinton and Bush, McCabe decided to get a career in the private sector as legal counsel for DuPont.


Erin Brokovich Slams Biden For Picking DuPont Lawyer Michael McCabe to Advise EPA — Return to Now

Biden Picks “Mr. Monsanto” Tom Vilsack to Head the USDA — Return to Now

Under Obama, Vilsack brought us cloned farm animals, lab-grown meat and more GMOs than any Agriculture Secretary before or after him.

“No More Malarkey” Joe Biden just nominated one of Monsanto’s best friends to head the US Department of Agriculture.

During his eight years under Obama, Tom Vilsack earned the nickname “Mr. Monsanto” for approving more new genetically modified organisms than any Agriculture Secretary in history, and for making gobs of money for every approval.

The Organic Consumer’s Association has compiled a list of GMOs we have to thank him for:

Roundup Ready sugar beets. A judge ruled Monsanto’s sugar beets would inevitably contaminate other crops, eventually “eliminating a consumer’s choice to eat non-genetically engineered food.”

Roundup Ready alfalfa. Monsanto’s first genetically modified perennial went wild, costing alfalfa growers millions.

Monsanto’s DroughtGard corn. The GMO seeds actually ended up yielding 11% LESS corn than conventional corn during the 2012 drought.

Dicamba-tolerant Xtend soy and cotton.  Several states have banned Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide since its approval in 2015, after it drifted and destroyed millions of acres of conventional soy, as well as nurseries, vineyards, vegetables, trees and native plants.


Biden Picks “Mr. Monsanto” Tom Vilsack to Head the USDA — Return to Now