When Gov. Phil Scott started recommending quarantines and mask-wearing and lockdowns, I appreciated his tyrannical COVID rules as advisory. The Governor resisted the calls for mandates that would encourage residents to spy and inform on their neighbors and expect police to enforce the unenforceable.

So I was gobsmacked to read that Gov. Scott has adopted one of the worst tactics of his apparent Democrat role models: cancel culture. According to an article in the Feb. 6-7 issue of the Caledonian-Record, (“Cable Access Show Host Banned from Governor’s Media Briefings”), TV host Steve Merrill has been banned for asking how the State will determine who qualifies as Indigenous for the purpose of receiving set-aside doses of the COVID vaccine. Preferential treatment for Indigenous, Black and People of Color has been proposed or promised (I am not sure which) in Vermont.

The article says that Rebecca Kelley, the Governor’s communications director, in a letter to Tod Pronto, director of NEK-TV, which carries Merrill’s show “It’s News to Us,” wrote that “numerous Vermonters” were concerned about Merrill’s “offensive question.”

Scott Adopts Cancel Culture — Caledonian Record

Not Enough Forethought — Caledonian Record

Steve Merrill’s question was focused on the absurdity of an unworkable P.C. cut-out for vaccine doses. If you [Phill Sott] surround yourself with people who don’t question their own thought process you’ll have these embarrassments. Don’t forget the questioning of children after Thanksgiving. That reaction was anger at government overstep, not guilt for not complying with a directive you didn’t bother to think through completely.

Who are these people advising you? Too much ego not enough forethought.

Not Enough Forethought — Caledonian Record


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