Earth heats up due to pandemic’s cleaner air, study finds Guy McPherson, climate change believer and doomsday enthusiast might be correct. For years, Guy has pushed the idea that even if we lower carbon emissions and stop polluting the earth will still heat up from the lack of reflecting particles in the air. In Guy’s […]

Children of Men — The Collapse Experiment


Researchers Advise Men To Freeze Sperm Prior To Receiving COVID Vaccine Over Concerns It May Cause Sterility

In His Christmas Day Message, Pontifex Maximus Called For All The World To Be Vaccinated Even If Vaccines Are Made From Aborted Baby Parts

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The Oligarchs Planned-demic CovAIDs-1984 masks are a crime against Humanity and child abuse

Rona Forever! Govt Scientist Suggests Britons Could Be Wearing Masks ‘for Years’

In late July, Wisconsin told all public employees to wear masks during Zoom meetings. Not to be outdone, Arizona University will lock students out of online classes if they have not been tested for COVAIDs