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For many years now, the globalist-controlled American corporate media has aggressively pushed anti-White propaganda with a religious fervor.

The corporate media runs anti-White propaganda every day, in both explicit and implicit form.

Their woke religion has often had terrible real world consequences for actual Americans. Low IQ / credulous consumers of their anti-White propaganda internalize a false buzzword-based paradigm and some of them are DRIVEN TO VIOLENCE as a result of the media propaganda.

A couple of days ago, the constant flood of anti-White propaganda resulted, yet again, in the horrific murder of an innocent child when Ariel and Jerry Robinson beat cute little Victoria Smith to death in brutal fashion.

The male and female Robinson had been allowed to adopt Victoria Smith (a 3-year old White girl) despite the fact that their large-scale consumption of anti-White propaganda made them a clear and present danger to the child (because she…

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