Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

The great crisis that is now happening in the United States did not begin with the break-in to Capitol Hill. It began with the Democrats’ lack of confidence in the presidency of Trump expressed in stormy demonstrations across the US, and his being labeled in every possible derogatory way.

The crisis continues in the great distrust of many of the Republicans in what they see as false election results that led to the break-in to the core of the government while the electoral votes for Biden were being confirmed.

It is impossible not to mention the collapse of England and France that were once considered part of the four powers that rule the world. Who remembers them today as such? They are collapsing into themselves like all of Europe that is collapsing in its values – the values ​​of justice have been replaced with those ​​of political correctness, the values ​​of the family have been replaced by those ​​of hedonism. The birthrate that collapsed below the red line forced European leaders to open the floodgates to a large Muslim migration that would fill in the gaps, and Europe began to lose its character completely.

We have been called to fill this vacuum. There are crises within the State of Israel as well, but unlike Europe, Israel leads the world in soundness of family values. The average number of children per Israeli woman is double the average of the Western world, and this is what launches the Israeli economy and creativity forward. Israel also leads the world in the smallest number of children from single mothers.

Israel is sound and is called upon to take its place in the world’s leadership in values. I know to many people this sounds too pretentious, but this is the outline that G-d promised our ancestor Abraham. “And all the families of the earth will be blessed through you and your seed.” The only ones who do not recognize this are ourselves, and the time has come for us to remember our destiny. We must prepare for it so that we can fulfill it with all the necessary responsibility and not make their mistakes.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: America is collapsing, Israel must fill the vacuum — Israel National News