Ecology Viewed from the Right

[…]for the Left ecofascism is best defined as “anything in the environmental movement that makes us uncomfortable.” This holds true whether or not the accused actually supports authoritarianism, corporatism, nationalism, or any other hallmarks of historical Fascism. It is particularly true if the proponent upholds race realism or ethnonationalism, which are invariably castigated as forms of “white supremacy.”

Some unfashionable ideas that the Left associates with ecofascism include:

Any focus on stabilizing human population growth in the Third World;

Any suggestion that immigration and open borders have negative environmental effects;

Any criticism of the human race in terms of its ecological impact […] [specifically about third world pollution/criminality]

Any criticism of poor ecological practices by non-Westerners, such as poaching, deforestation, and excessive reproduction;

Any condemnation of individualism, democracy, or liberalism for their inability to resolve key environmental issues; and

Any suggestion that there is a natural order or hierarchy which mankind ought to model itself upon and respect.[…]

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Ecology Viewed from the Right

While mankind suffers through the worst global crisis in recent memory, the rest of the world appears to be benefiting from our discomfiture.

The quarantines, travel bans, and economic stagnation brought about by COVID-19 have had a number of unintended consequences for the natural environment: improvements in air quality resulting from the reduction of major pollutants such as nitrous oxide and greenhouse gases; cleaner waterways (most famously the canals of Venice); and the return of wildlife to humanized landscapes.

While some of the more outrageous claims (concerning Venetian dolphins and drunk elephants) have been debunked as fabrications, this has not prevented a few Twitter users from making some controversial observations on the current crisis: “Corona is the cure. People are the disease.” “This isn’t an apocalypse. It’s an awakening.” “The earth is cleansing herself.” “The human race is so shitty that when we’re absent, the world begins to thrive…

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