Banned Hipster

The white, bearded, balding guy on NBC – who is his audience? Who listens to him pontificate on the “temple of democracy” or “dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories” and does anything but snicker?

The best I can figure is that the audience for broadcast NBC is old black women and white cat ladies.

In fact, the New York Times recently admitted that their profit center is “Resistance Moms” meaning upper middle class mostly white women whose Social Media Identity is based around hating Trump and Republicans. For these people “political activism” is making a Facebook post quoting a Hollywood celebrity about how bad Trump it.

These are not “political activists” – these are media consumers.

The Washington Post used to be a serious newspaper, but ever since Jeff Bezos bought it, it is indistinguisable from the Huffington Post – especially when you read the comments.

These people are a minority of…

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