Ode to Joe

[…]Hunter, the “bad son” is still alive, and although Wikipedia has officially declared it a “Conspiracy Theory” it is well know that Biden has corrupt dealings with numerous foreign countries, and due to a long history of drug abuse and sexual scandals, he is thoroughly compromised by foreign intelligence agencies.

[…]Bill Clinton was compromised by the Zionist Israeli Jews Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s child sex trafficking ring, and witnesses have placed Clinton on Epstein’s infamous “Pedophile Island.”

Despite everyone knowing this, it’s still a “far-right anti-semitic conspiracy theory.”

[…]Hunter Biden […] was “spending extravagantly on his own interests including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations”.

[…]It is almost as if one could detect a pattern: the children of prominent American families seem to attract Jewish lovers and spouses. Consequently, their children and grandchildren are often raised “as Jews.” This pattern holds for the Bushes, the Clintons, the Trumps, the Bidens, and innumerable others.

[…]However, none of this can be discussed in polite company and increasingly the Zionist Jews that control Google, Facebook, Youtube, and the rest of social media will simply censor any discussion that reaches a certain publicity thresh hold.

Meanwhile, right-wing conservative Republicans would rather discuss “egalitarianism.”

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