The Sperg Box

It is said that among the earliest flags of the English was a Dragon. This should come as no surprise, our ancestors would have come in ships with a religion not unlike the future Danes with whom we would deal. This flag is said to have led men into battle. It flew for the last time at Stamford Bridge, in 1066. It should be said that the Dragon was not forgotten entirely and to this day is called upon by English and Saxon offspring.

Of course, England was not settled by a monad. There came Angles (English) Seax (Saxons) and Jutes (Danish). These tended to their own, and would have to wait for Alfred the Great to begin to make the English from the bloodlines his lands had to offer, a unified Kingdom, not the petty kingdoms of Essex, Wessex, Mercia, Sussex and Northumberland – all of which had their…

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