Mass Electronic Media is a piss-poor substitute for a public sphere, isn’t it?

It works on an instinctual level. Millions of Americans “consume media” like “The News.” An actor reads a script and it is more or less accepted by the views as “official.” Generations of Americans have been trained this way.

Forget Stalin’s quote about who counts the votes – they don’t matter compared to the people who tell you who won the vote. Apparently, even the sitting President of the United States won’t be broadcast on “American” media.

That’s what the Transition Integrity Project said they were going to do. They were “gaming” the various media scenarios to figure out how to discredit Trump when he announced his win on election night using Office Social Media.

They told you they were going to do it, then they did it, then they told you what they did. It’s an old Hollywood story-telling device.

The disappointed Trump fans who think the election was stolen utterly miss the point. The fact it was close enough to steal – the fact that outsiders are even allowed a say – is the point, not how many ballot boxes Democrats could stuff in Philadelphia, much less the details of how they rigged the “electronic voting machines.”

The Empire isn’t even properly American anymore, if it ever really was.

The obvious reason they censored a bunch of people from “Official Social Media” – Facebook, Twitter, Google – was the same reason that any occupying military takes control of the Mass Electronic Media. It’s the same reason that an ancient king would stand up on a balcony and proclaim things. It’s the same reason they take control of the money and start charging taxes.

All “mainstream” politics consists of a lot of babble about glittering generalities and technocratic posturing that can never discuss the nature of the Empire nor the people who control it.

To take but one example: how can you take anyone seriously when they discuss contemporary American politics by parroting the “official” version 9/11?

It’s such an obvious example of forcing someone to say “five fingers.”

Someone on Twitter recently pointed out that if your “political” thoughts consist of trying to “set options” in society, as if in a video game, to make the gameplay better for you, it’s not particularly different than Steve Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism, that has the journalist demanding that society change to make herself consider hotter.

This impulse it the real reason why the Ellis Island Invaders – not to mention at least half of the real Americans – hated “Puritans” and “WASPs.”

The real Americans and their immediate predecessors were not clannish, but instead built institutions, which were their clans. “America” was one such institution. They created a “Householder” system, where a young son or daughter would be sent to a neighbor’s house to apprentice – outside the family, but within the institution.

While families are particular to particular people, the idealized institution is universal. Anyone, from any family, can join the institution provided the proper behavior.

Of course these instincts developed in small, tight-knit societies of people adapted to a high level of cooperation to survive harsh winters. You see something strikingly similar in the Jante Laws or if you really wanted you could read the debates of various American Presbyterians, which read like a bunch men, er, “high on the spectrum”, creating the minute rules of a Universal Perfect Society Endorsed By God Himself.

The system worked quite well in Northern towns in Scotland in the pre-industrial era, and it worked quite well on the frontier of America. But the idea that any of it was “Universal” – to all mankind – was always nothing more than White Hubris.

It certainly doesn’t work in 2020 America.

But the real world isn’t a video game. So you can’t just “set some options” to make it work better. Even more importantly, a huge number of people living in America aren’t Americans, and aren’t really a part of your “society” anyway. The options that you want are the options that they don’t want.

They aren’t even a part of your institution, and the idea that “we” let “them” vote just proves how meaningless voting is.

To put the icing on the cake, only about half of Americans were ever a part of your institution in the first place. The frontier of America was settled by people moving west to get away from you. Ben Franklin used to complain about it.

So the first thing that happens is some Autistic White Guy says, “they have a truly secure election, we need to put it on the internet and encrypt it. Here’s my twenty minute spiel about the topic of computer encryption, isn’t it fascinating?”

“Set Option X to Y and you get a better society!”

First – you don’t get to set the options. Two, it’s not your society.

Even worse are the ideologues who will say, “everyone just need to follow this libertarian principle” or “we should follow the Constitution and devolve to the states.”

Yes – we should. Also, models in their late 20’s should find me more sexually attractive, and you should give me money.

People are particular – and Americans, and their ancestors – have certain evolved traits and instincts. These are not-negotiable, just like your family isn’t negotiable. So your idealized institution could work – among a similar group of Americans, in a small enough setting, given enough cooperation.

In 2020 America, Americans can’t even exclude outsiders from their institutions and if “they” could force strangers into your actual family, they would do that too.

All political “activism” is merely theater – and right-wing activists play the “Heel” in the style of Professional Wrestling Theater.

Anything interesting – interesting in the modern world, in a high-tech globalized society, and larger than a village – would likely have to start with a secure means of communication, both internal and external.

Then it would need to begin to wield significant enough influence to compete with the “official media.”

And no, I don’t mean Bitchute or some website. It’s the institution that matters, and institutions are made of people.

So I Guess The Transition Integrity Project Is Working — Banned Hipster