I have already listed in a previous posting all of President Trump’s Accomplishments while in Office. This article is a little different, I am  going to go through some of his key accomplishments and discuss what it will mean for the country if they are reversed or canceled by the Biden administration. For ease of […]

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The 2020 election brought together the threads of what Generation X saw back in the 1980s and who realized that this was/is a moribund empire, and who were the people who would live to see it collapse while remembering what it once was.

The ex-hippies from 1968 planned to die young and, failing that, go out early with dementia or Alzheimers so that they would have plausible deniability for consciousness itself. One can feel no pain if one is totally unaware.

The kids who came after, who grew up with hip-hop and Clinton, never had any hope and simultaneously faced a unified voice. The 1968s took over education fully in the 1990s, and these kids grew up on the distraction of “social justice” while ignoring the real issue, civilization collapse.

Let us look at what has come together in this election:


All Roads Lead To China — Amerika


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