Kuper -free speech

There’s nothing like the smell of creeping tyranny in the morning! Yes, you can quote me. Even when the tyranny is not just creeping, it is crawling. Seeping might work or descending – as in from the ruling class.

Our self-proclaimed betters are on again about people allowed to have opinions that are not theirs.

Despotisms fail when unapproved ideas are free to roam especially a fledgling just out of the nest that has yet to take wing fully. Biden-Harris is not even officially elected, and their advocates for equality are gearing up to discriminate.

It’s one thing to talk about it but when you have the political will, well, let’s get that bus rolling, right over your freedoms.

Here’s Bill Gates, uber-billionaire elitist whose legal department has a bigger GDP than most countries.

Increasingly popular with right wing politicians, commentators and personalities, Parler is an Twitter-like app that claims not to censor the views of its users.

According to CNBC, Gates said he believed that social media platforms need to face stronger regulation in the U.S. to help manage the spread of “false” information.

He’s worried that people will hear things that will make them avoid his vaccine plan, which, if it’s anything like windows, will come with an aggravating number of updates (booster shots) that keep you from being productive for hours a time.

He said: “Facebook [is the] primary way people access news and they get drawn in to more and more extreme stories, including some of these anti-vaccines or conspiracy things. That person hasn’t started out saying, ‘I want crazy stuff,’ they get drawn down and see things that are… titillating and that is where it is almost a human weakness.”

“Human weakness,” you say? That’s ironic. Abusing power to force your ideas and plans on others is by far one of the most dangerous human weaknesses. It is why our Founders created the Constitutional Republic. So that people in or connected to power could not use the government to suppress fundamental human rights.

That’s the goal.

We complained about being muted, censored, or de-platformed, and they said, well – if you don’t like our rules, build your own. Someone did, and we’re moving there, leaving them behind, only to hear the same people say, “social media platforms need to face stronger regulation in the US.”

The goal is not just to silence opposing ideas. It is to define them and disseminate them so that there are no opposing ideas. Their diverse and inclusive community, as I noted yesterday, is a room full of people who look different but all think and say (believe) the same things because they are not permitted to know any other way to think.

We intend to resist.

Bill Gates: Social Media Platforms Need To Face Stronger Regulation In The U.S. — Granite Grok