Disclaimer: I didn’t vote for Trump this time – and I didn’t vote for Trump last time. In fact, this author spent the last five years, since Trump’s announcement he was running, warning my fellow Americans about the Trump scam.

Trump was a willing agent of the Likud party, a foreign political party of a foreign occupation regime in Palestine. Trump spent the entire Obama administration trying to stop and overturn the Iran Anti-Nuclear deal at the behest of Benjamin Netanyahu. Donald Trump used his famous Twitter account for two Presidential terms spreading those stupid “Birth Certificate” conspiracy theories that were written for him by the Israeli propaganda agent Orly Taitz, the so-called “Birther Queen.”

As we can see, Trump spent his entire term as President doing everything Israel wanted, and nothing that Americans wanted: no wall, no “draining the swamp,” no ending immigration.

As expected, the very second he could get away with it, Benjamin Netanyahu stabbed Trump in the back and endorsed Joe Biden. Apparently, Trump was so upset he “un-followed” Netanyahu on Twitter. Which really shows you what a petty, petty man Donald Trump really is, a thin-skinned narcissist shell of a human being. A blowhard braggart.

Yet, this stab in the back may finally force Trump to do the right thing.

Joe Biden, himself, admits he’s a “Zionist” and Biden openly supports a wall in Israel, while calling a wall in America “racist.” Joe Biden believes that ONLY JEWS have a right to a homeland – if Americans want our homeland to be American, that’s “racist” according to Zionazi Joe. Joe Biden is a Jewish Supremacist, even though he’s not a Jew himself.

Also, of course, Bejing Biden is as corrupt as they come, pretty much owned by China and a dozen other foreign interests. The entire Biden family is crooked, and the son Hunter is a mess, obviously having been compromised by who knows how many foreign spy agencies considering his drugs and sex issues.

Most actual Americans voted for Trump, not because Trump was so great, but because the alternatives were worse.

There was clearly massive foreign interference in the election – especially Israeli interference – and massive fraud, not to mention open collusion by Google’s Alphabet/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post, owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

This was anything BUT a fair election.

But according to the Constitution, Trump can still win.

The “Constitutional Option” is scaring the mass media that stole the election, and here is one example of their fear and hysteria:


Clearly the election was riddled with fraud and corporate interference and collusion with the Biden campaign.

Even though we are supposed to believe that Biden received more votes in key districts, the Democrats actually LOST votes in the House and Senate. Apparently a bunch of blank “mail-in ballots” arrived just to be marked “Biden” with no other vote for Democrats.

The Republicans must use the Constitutional option: the state legislatures, the majority controlled by Republicans, must name a slate of pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College. This is precisely what the Constitution calls for – it is the system working as intended.

Considering the massive disinformation and propaganda coming from foreign owned outlets like the New York Times and the collusion of the major “Social Media” corporations, the Constitutional Option is the only way forward.

The Republican Supreme Court will back up the States if they do their Constitutional duty.

We cannot allow them to do to us what they are doing to the Palestinians.

Republicans Must Use The Constitutional Option To Prevent Election Theft — Banned Hipster