To the one-sided echo chamber of liberal media Biden has won, Trump is gone, and Antifa/BLM rioting go on indefinitely.

Banned Hipster

After slowing down in the last few weeks, Black Lives Matter and Antifa return to give Trump a boost in swing state Pennsylvania.

We pointed out earlier that we’re supposed to “keep Kayfabe” about just why a Zionist militia like Antifa would be doing their very best to get Trump reelected. With the riots off the media for the last month or so, it looks like one more push to get Trump over the line.

Police say all of the officers injured are in stable condition. Other than the officer with a broken leg, they’ve all been treated and released from the hospital. Police say that most of the officers who were injured were hit with rocks, bricks, and other projectiles.

Also, at 52nd and Market Streets, a police SUV was set on fire.

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