K R Bolton

A recent empirical analysis, the first of its type, examines what the study’s author, Professor Jeremy Bernerth, Department of Management, San Diego State University, has termed the Proclivity To Be Offended (PTBO). Bernerth examines the consequences of this syndrome from the perspective of how it impacts on business efficiency and personnel relations. (Bernerth, 2020).

While it can easily and widely be observed that what is popularly called the ‘Snowflake’ syndrome often manifests as histrionic personality disorder (seeking attention through excessive emotional reactions) PTBO acts more subtlety and pervasively.

Paving the Way for De-Normalisation

Narcissism, hysteria, sociopathy, and other mental disorders tend to cluster around adherents to Leftist ideologies including liberalism. (Bolton,2013). Certain of the Frankfurt School Theorists and other neo- and post-Marxists such as Louis Althusser, rationalised their Oedipal anxieties into ideologies of social conflict, for example. The Marquis de Sade placed an ideological façade over his sociopathic manias and was heralded by Jacobin France (Bolton, 2013, p. 64).

Several generations have been mentally reprogrammed to respond with degrees of offence. On a basic, grassroots level, it is widely perceived as ‘political correctness’, and when manifested histrionically the term ‘Snowflake’ has come into the popular lexicon to describe bizarre phenomena that became increasingly apparent after the Trump election.


PTBO and the Sociology of Snowflake Liberalism — The European New Zealander