Publisher’s Note: If the terms “Great Reset,” “4th Industrial Revolution,” “Technocracy” or “Transhumanism” don’t resonate with you, we suggest doing some research. This new FRONTLINE documentary on Artificial Intelligence (IN THE AGE OF AI) frames “The Great Reset” as a high-tech geopolitical confrontation between US and China. Not incorrect, but dramatically incomplete. The question before Vermont is – will we remain a place where we humans maintain autonomy and sovereignty over our selves and our communities? Or…?

In the Age of AI (full film) | FRONTLINE

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Are You Ready for When White Genocide Involves Terminators? — Renegade Tribune

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Many people were alarmed recently when they saw Boston Dynamic’s Spot walking itself down the streets of Ontario, Canada.

Many people immediately think of the Metalhead episode of Black Mirror.

Many of the machines that are currently controlled by people in some way, such as flying drones, can easily be switched over to autonomous mode.

Robots have been rolled out around the world in a big way during the “pandemic”. Robots are disinfecting aisles at stores, using facial recognition to tell people to put on muzzles if they are “barefaced”, demanding that people walking in a park maintain social distancing, delivering groceries and other supplies, and continuing to make their way into police and military arsenals. Air Force pilots were recently smoked by AI in a flight simulator, of course, and they are planning to run live trials. There was a terrible movie about this same scenario starring Jamie Foxx. I never watched it.

A movie I did watch, multiple times, is Terminator, which came out a year after I was born. I first saw it when I was very young. I did not realize how quickly James Cameron’s nightmare could become our reality. There was a storm coming, but it still seemed a far way off.

Some might think, this is just fiction and nothing to really pay attention to, right? These robots are just going to do what people tell them to do, and they’re just here to serve!

Well, what if the people programming these impressive robots put them on a mission to hunt down every threat to their jew world order, while keeping everyone else in line.

You can try arguing with a policeman, or pleading for sympathy, but you will not get any compassion from a ZOG bot.

It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

We are already being swarmed by ZOG bots in the comment sections on Renegade. They might not have “bodies,” but they are actively seeking to infiltrate our resistance, pretending to be us, in order to target and neutralize us. If you don’t realize this, you are simply not paying attention.

Also, if you do not think they will put guns in the “hands” of robots in order to kill “White supremacists,” then you do not know history. In 1992, the FBI sent a robot with a shotgun to the front door of the Weaver’s cabin. It was actual “humans” that ended up murdering Randy’s wife, son, and dog, though.

I don’t know how you should best prepare for killer robots. I don’t know exactly when robots will be trying to murder us. I just know that it is coming sooner than a lot of you might think, so the first step is to realize that there is a storm coming.

Are You Ready for When White Genocide Involves Terminators? — Renegade Tribune