Odin's Aett

It’s one of the most common weapons and an iconic image of the Viking age – The axe welding warrior, kicking in the door, slaughtering anyone who gets in their way. But is this the way we should look at the tool? Because first off it is a tool, we use them to chop down trees, shape blanks for woodturning, we craft with them. It’s a utility item that no Viking household would be without. Even today axes are everywhere, but the image of the axe welding warrior still makes people think of the Vikings. It would certainly be a weapon accessible to people from all social strata so is an ideal starting point for a new Viking re-enactor.

Odins Aett Vikings Peterborough at the Little Miracles Open Day 2019
Some of Odins Aetts ready for axe combat

Axes come in many different sizes and shapes, so how does a wanna-be Viking know where to start? There are two ideal starting…

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