Nothing exposes the modern left’s hypocrisy, moral emptiness, and ideological commitment to global capitalism quite like the “intersection” between immigration and environmentalism.

…family moves to Australia purely for reasons of economic self-interest, and after arrival simply continues in that vein. They bring their elderly parents out. The parents are a drain on the tax base and healthcare system and they don’t contribute anything to society, but they sure do contribute to the family, providing free child care and food-growing labour. They get 100 solar panels with the help of a government rebate, giving them a further financial advantage over renting Australians who have to pay in full for boring regular electricity.

The obsession with “global emissions” is a telling clue to where the modern left’s allegiances really lie. For them, environmentalism must be global and capitalist, because that is also their economic and cultural ideology. “The environment” to them is a vague abstraction; they are all about “PPM CO2” and buying green gadgets off Amazon, not real environmentalism like picking up litter or repatriating immigrants or re-establishing a true Nation that gives people a sense of belonging and makes them less prey to mindless consumerism.

They want us to cry for them when they are in their own countries because they can’t stop shitting up their homeland and don’t have Harvey Norman, and then when they arrive here we should somehow be grateful to them for making our home more and more unlivable? NO. If we really care about our environment, we must, in the words of Mr Linkola, CLOSE our eyes and ears to these people, whether they be far away in the places where they belong, or here, where we do. They don’t care about us, so why should we care about them? Real environmentalism is properly and naturally the cause of the real Right, not the fake left, and we are taking it back!

A Green Australia is a Brown Australia — Cobber’s Morning Herald