Liberals praise Chinese Government

Slipping Veil: China Gets Praise From Democrats During a Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting

democrats and democrat-controlled media have become China’s useful idiots

“The more of this crap you see the more one is tempted to think that the virus was an intentional thing.”

A veteran Uyghur obstetrician in China has gone public with a gruesome account of the lengths to which the Communist Chinese Party will go in order to enforce it’s population control limits on the ethnic and religious minority community.

Speaking to Radio Free Asia, Dr. Hasiyet Abdulla reported that hospitals in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region were ordered by the government to abort and kill all babies born outside the bounds of its mandated family planning limits—even newborns and babies carried to term.

According to Abdulla, an obstetrician of fifteen years, maternity wards in the region were ordered to implement the unspeakably harsh family-planning policies intended to restrict Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities to only three children.

“…The regulations were so strict: there had to be three or four years between children.”

“Chinese government imposing forced sterilization, abortion, mandatory pregnancy tests, or implantation of IUDs on Uyghur women have surfaced.”

“…massacres, mass internment camps, torture, organ harvesting, and disappearances—on top of the vicious “family planning” policy and removal of Uyghur children from their families to Chinese state orphanages or boarding homes have sparked global concern.”

Chinese Gov’t Reportedly Orders Mass Infanticide of Religious, Ethnic Minorities — Activist Mommy

The Chinese see the muslim Uyghurs as a threat to Chinese imperialism in the region. They are more manageable when restricted to 3 children. Couple that with the seperating of Uyghur children from their families, a mass Chinese influx into the region and Chinese-Uyghur miscegenation and the bio-ethnic makeup of the region will be changed in the Chinese’s favor. The same goes with the Chinese occupied Tibet.