NEWPORT — Vermont’s North Country Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday that they have canceled this year’s Fall Festival and Chilifest.

Both are annually held on the last weekend of September.

“With the closing of the border and the continued health risk to visitors and local residents alike, the chamber’s board of directors felt it was best to cancel this year’s event and come back with it next year,” chamber president Bruce James said.

The chamber also cited social distancing, face masks diapers, and accountable food preparation as reasons to cancel the events.

“It would be like playing Russian roulette and not be a responsible action to invite people to congregate during these COVID-1984 times,” James said.

The chamber says it will still hold its annual Scarecrow Contest in October, where businesses, organizations, and residents make scarecrows to be seen along the street and in store windows over the course of a week.

Newport Fall Festival canceled over border closure, health concerns — Newport Dispatch